The purpose of this guide is always fun , this time due wan

or lan network with dmbox and VLC

Please note that you can use the same exact procedure

due to stream other sources such as , DVD , or other video

files AVIs etc .

The web streaming demands some settings on your router

due to open the port that streaming to remote site and to

assign the local ip with this specific port (NAT).

After software download and installation we proceed as

pictures shows below .

—- Server Setup —-


1.) Press right click with your mouse on Vlc icon then

properties , add in target field this line :

–intf wxwin –-extraintf=http” (Pic1). This is needed most

to stream from pc to DmBox , put it there anyway.



2.)Open an Explorer – Firefox , type the dmbox ip example , insert the correct user and pass. After login

you have to see dmbox web interface (Pic2). Then press on

vpid option , save the file , right click on it , open with

notepad and then copy data . (Pic3).



3.) Open Vlc , press eject button ,(Pic4) .After then paste

the previous data from notepad. (Pic5) . Press settings ,

and fill the fields as (Pic6) .The specific settings are tested

for streaming via web. It’s an ultimate setup that works for

me. Quality is fine thanks to theo codec .


4.)Press ok twice , picture must appeared as well.(Pic7).


5.) The client is the remote site , the distance end .Via web

reach the server and receive the stream . To setup Vlc first

press eject then network and fill in the field as (Pic8)

shows with the real ip of your ADSL connection .


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Monday, December 15th, 2008 DM500 Tutorials