DreamUP.2.14 Tutorial


1. Turn off your STB from power network, and then start DreamUP.exe file.
2. Now you have to choose COM port on which you connect your Dreambox on PC trough null modem cable.
3. When you have setup correctly DreamUP press gumb Connect, and then connect receiver to power, you will se Progress bar, also message ok, uploading.
4. Then you need to wait until progress bar come to the end, and until it show to you message OK, connection established, which means that you have succesiful established connection between your PC and STB.

5. After Sucess. Connection you need to put new software in Flash memory. You can do that by pressing gumb Flash. After that you will see new window, and in it you can choose image, new software which you want to upload in your Dream.
6. After you have choose it, and press Open, you will see new progress bar and message that new software is uploading in your Receiver.
7. Your reciever in that time will erase old software.
8. After that on schedule is writting of new software ( image ), and you will see message flashing.
9. If all was succes. you will see message Flash Update Finished, result 0, then click on the gumb Ok, and exit from loader with click on Exit.
10. Restart your receiver, and imidiatelly press Upper button on your STB, and keep finger on that button until you see Flesh Erasing.

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Monday, December 15th, 2008 General Tutorials