How To Input of new Image for Dreambox 7000

Connect Dreambox and PC with basic crosover cable. You dont need Null mode cable.

Now you need to make this settings on your PC:

1. In Network Connections go on Internet Settings ( TCP/IP ).
2. For IP Setting put:
3. For Subnet mask put:
4. For Default Gateway put :
5. Apply all changes, and than click on OK, close all Windows and restart your pc.

When your Windows boot-up, click on Start —-> Run, and in Run type “cmd” (without “”), when DOS Windows is on your screen type ipconfig/all and see is IP same as one you have entered before.

If everything is ok, close all windows, take remote control in your hand, and come on with setting of your Dreambox :

1. Enter in Menu
2. Go on System Setup
3. Go on Expert Setup
4. Then go on first setting Communications setup
5. For IP of Dreambox type:
6. For Subnet Mask type:
7. For Default Gateway type:
8. With checkbox check Enabled Network
9. Port number : 80
11. Save all changes with Green button on your remote.

Now on your PC, run application called FLASH******_v3.0 ( Also it can be 2.0 ) which you can download for free from Olmi’s website : __ .

1. Click in right bottom corner “Configuration and utilities”
2. For “Connecting parameters” in field “Dreambox IP” put same ip which you have entered in Dreambox ( ).
3. In field “Login” type: root
4. In field “Password” type: dreambox
5. After you finis that, click on “Install a firmware into FLASH memory” which is situated in upper left corner
6. Please check box “Go to Stand-by mode before installing” which is placed in bottom part of window.
7. If you want to save Settings also called Channel list or Timer list check box “Settings” i/ili “also copy the programmed recording list (Timer list).
8. After that you have to way’s:
a) copy settings from active image
b) copy settings from a given directory

9.Check a), then click on Yellow icon right from “Drag&Drop a file here, or open folder”

10. Than choose image which you want to put in your Dreambox from your PC.

11. On question “Are you sure you want to install image ? ” click on Yes
12. Sit back and take look on setup, and wait other instructions from Flash

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Monday, December 15th, 2008 General Tutorials