Please be sure first that you already installed in your dreambox newcs and camd3. If not, please install them first and carry on reading this tutorial.

Last step before going on. For sure you are wondering why installing two EMUs to have my smart card working. The answer is simple. In order to clear channels on our TV set, we need two components: one “Card Reader” and one “EMUlator”. The former is in charge of comunication between smart card and “softcam”, the latter is in charge to manage those datas and to send them to decoder. Both of them are necessary to read our smart card, should one of the two be missing, channels would be never cleared. To be honest, camd3 only would be enough alone to read our smart card, but, trust me, it is much better to use newcs as card reader. ;) Main “Card Readers” are two: “cardserver” and “newcs”. This tutorial will explain how to use newcs.

I did all tests which are described in this tutorial with a Firecrypt smart card which is sold with every dreambox and which is for channel INXTC TV. The procedural is anyway the same for every smart card you decide to use. Once set up is completed, you can use all smart cards if compatible with newcs and camd3.

Setting up Newcs

  • First of all you need a good text editor which is compatible with UNIX. A good freeware editor is Notepad++ 3.8.
  • Use Notepad++ to open “newcs.xml” file. You are kindly suggested not touch or edit anything at all. I show you how to edit file just you should need to change some setting in the future.
  • In this text you can find settings for 2 CAS, “lower” is the lower one and “upper” is the upper one. Since DM500 has only 1 CAS it is considered as “lower”. You will use port 34000 for lower cas and port 34001 for upper cas:
  • In this text you can find deskey and name used for your network:
  • You can find here settings for client access which will be used by camd3 to make our smart card working:
  • Finally, if you have not changed anything, very important settings for client are:Port: 34000 (lower) or 34001 (upper)
    Deskey: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
    User: user1
    Pass: pass1

  • Copy “newcs.xml” file to your dreambox path /var/tuxbox/config/

Setting up Camd3

  • Open with Notepad++ “camd3.config” file you found in zip archive you downloaded before. If you left all unchanged in newcs settings, you can leave all unchanged in camd3.config file. Please go directly to last 2 rows. First row makes smart card working in upper cas, second row makes smart cardin lower cas:
  • Copy “camd3.config” file to your dreambox path /var/keys/
  • If you followed instructions carefully, you can insert smart card with gold chip downwards, then you go to firmware menu to run emu (generaly you access by pressing blue key) select “Camd3 + Newcs” as emu (or a similar name which can change depending on firmware versions), reset emu. Should not it working, please reboot your dreambox and after boot it should be all working.

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Monday, December 15th, 2008 General Tutorials